Upscale RH
Exclusive San Souci Vicinity
#32 Costambar Street
Santo Domingo, Dom. Rep.

Monday thru Friday
9am - 5pm EST

Reservations are not accepted by phone
US Phone # 551.200.5341
DR Phone # 809.599.5927

Upscale Recovery House
Please email for additional information.

About Us
At Upscale we are dedicated to providing our clients with a safe and comfortable post op recovery facility. Our friendly and caring staff will ensure every client is well cared for. At Upscale we make certain our clients are treated with the upmost respect. We have English and Spanish speaking staff 24 hours a day. Upscale also employs personal assistants to make sure our client’s needs are met. Our assistants are available to run errands for our clients, such as picking up medications or personal items at no additional cost.

Our facility is located in a safe, clean and quiet neighborhood. Upscale RH is fully air conditioned, offers cable TV and WI-FI. Our centrally located facility is maintained well and impeccably clean.
We are approximately 10-15 minutes from CIPLA. The house boasts 6 bedrooms, each with a private bath suite. We have four triple rooms and two double rooms that can serve as private single room suites. Each client is provided with 3 meals and 2 snacks daily. Our nursing staff will assist with administering medication, monitoring vitals, sponge bathing and garment changing. We also offer a laundry facility on-site to wash soiled garments.

Our mission is to help you fully recover while attending to your every need. Rest assure your well being and safety will be our number one priority.

Before selecting a facility for your recovery consider the following. How comfortable will you be, will you have 24 hour nursing care, how clean is the facility and how much will you spend.

If you are considering recovering at a hotel, below are standard costs.
4 Star Hotel - $75/night avg
Food - $30-40 daily for 3 meals
Nurse - $35 for 8 hours
Wi-FI $10/day (if not incl.)

As you can see the costs of staying at a hotel can quickly add up. We will ensure you receive a room and bed with the same amenities as the 4 star hotels at a fair price. Give yourself peace of mind knowing this recovery house was established by's NJPRBeauty who endured the same journey you are about to embark on.